a documentary of resistance


This film is nearing completion. You can support this film with a tax-deductible donation at the Documentary Australia Foundation.

After three long years of shooting interviews and collecting photos, archival footage and about 60 hours of editing it is now 55 minutes long and getting close to final cut.

The original crowd funder covered a proportion of the production costs and a small grant from the City of Yarra Arts and a generous donation from Black Rainbow printing covered a little bit more. But ahead lies colour-grading, professional sound mixing and mastering for broadcast & cinema screenings.   I'm looking at $15,000 to finish.  In the tradition of many independent documentaries I’ve been covering all of the shooting, archive research and editing on my own time but there are aspects that require external support. 

I would very much appreciate any support you may be able to lend at this stage immensely. 


You can support this project with a tax-deductible donation at the Documentary Australia Foundation.

All supporters receive a production credit on final film and my utmost appreciation!


Production notes

Production notes:

Length: 55 minutes

Director: Anthony Kelly

Producer: Anthony Kelly

Funders: Crowd-funded, self-funded, City of Yarra Arts,

Funders and supporters:

City of Yarra Arts

Black Rainbow Printing

With the support of Documentary Australia Foundation

120 wonderful crowd funders!


Camera: Anthony Kelly


Additional camera:


Sound mix: Ryan Granger


Motion graphics and Animation: Keke Marc Robertson, Daniel King



Robert Thorpe

Meriki Onus (Niece and Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance co-founder)

Vivian Malo (friend and collaborator, First Nations Liberation)

Lidia Thorpe, (Niece and Member of Victorian Parliament -Greens 2017-2018)

Auntie Alma Thorpe (Robbie’s mother, a respected Elder and long term activist and co-founder of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service)

Professor Gary Foley (historian, activist and colleague of Robbie’s)

Professor Tony Birch (Victoria University)

Marjorie Thorpe, (Robbie’s sister, comrade and fellow activist)

Uncle Jack Charles (Actor)

Additional footage by:

Department of the Future (DOTF),

Director of Photography - James Watterston

Director and Producer - Ivan Gomez


SKA TV- Melbourne Media Archives,

Australian Broadcasting Commission,

Channel 9 (GTV 9)

Rueben Street - Blueprint Studios

Eleanor Gilbert - Enlightening Productions.

Peter Vaughan, Ntenis Davey, Leesa Carriage, Hannah Moon.

16mm footage from Narooma 1974, Martin Bartfield (courtesy of the Foley Archives and the McGuiness family)

"A message from the streets" courtesy of Josh Davis & Unkut Recordings.

Excerpt from "Yung Warriors - Just A Thought" C/O Josh Davis, Heath Kerr & Payback Records

Excerpt from "Briggs - The Children Came Back" C/O Josh Davis, Heath Kerr & Skinnyfish Music

Photographs and images courtesy of:

Lisa Bellear Trust,

Maree Clarke, John Stewart,

Foley Archives, Victoria University,

Lisa Thorpe, Alma Thorpe, Lidia Thorpe,

Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS),

Koorie Heritage Trust Inc,

Victorian NAIDOC Committee,

Jade Soldati, Chris Paterson

Aboriginal Advancement League, Kellie Snr,

Bunjilaka Cultural Centre, Multicultural Arts Victoria,

National Library of Australia

The Canberra Times

The Tribune newspaper

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

Colonial Frontier Massacres data collated by:

Colonial Frontier Massacres in Central and Eastern Australia 1788-1930

Digital Humanities Lab

Centre for 21st Century Humanities, The University of Newcastle (UON)

in consultation with The Wollotuka Institute and AIATSIS.


Glass Windows appearing with Lionel Rose Footage at the MAYSAR Gym designed by Mandy Nicholson


With special thanks to:

Emmeline Kildea, Marjorie Thorpe, Clare Land, 3CR Community Radio, Juliet Fox, Charles Pakana- Radio KND, Nakari Thorpe, Leesa Carriage, Peter Lang, Jane Walton, Gary Foley, Edwina Howell, Rochelle Lepper, Lisa Thorpe, Glenda Thorpe, David Langsam, Carmela Baranowska, Ramesh Fernandez, Aamer Rahman, Juliet Fox, Vivian Papaleo, Allan Brown, Esme Bamblett, Tony Austin, MAYSAR, Peter Cahill, Helen Sheil, Hannah Moon, Katherine Neaves, Aaron Lester Ellis, Simon Katthagen, Al Solly, Kosta Srbinoff, George Gengis Akl, Anne Gilbee,

John Hughes, Longplay Cinema & Bar, Loop Project Space & Bar, Staci Piper, Neil Morris, Dr Bill Pascoe, Dr Lyndall Ryan, Stacie Piper, Sneha Varma, Sandy Clarke, Rochelle Humphrey, Yvette Scholtmeyer, Amos Roach, Tuffy Lean, Pip Campy, Aaron Lester Ellis, Jo Thomson, Charlie Hill-Smith, William Head, John Cumming.

Everyone at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra

All of the Thorpe Family for their support and generosity.